Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my vehicle wrap last?

  As long as you keep your car clean on a regular basis as you would with a painted finish, your wrap will last ten years. Metallic and brushed metal films have a shorter life span of 5 years.

Will my car be damaged?

No. Our careful application means that you will be able to completely remove the wrap and  the paint underneath will be left as good as new!

Why a wrap and not a respray?

A wrap is intended to be a short-term solution to colour change. A respray on the other hand is very permanent. A wrap allows you to enjoy your car in any given colour, but then remove the wrap if you wish. For example, you may choose to re-sell your car in the original paintwork.

Will a vehicle wrap cover rust, chips and scuffs?

No – a vinyl wrap will not hide the imperfections of your paintwork. The vinyl itself is very thin and so defects such as chips, key lines, rust and poor paintwork may show through.

Will a wrap affect my car insurance premium?

This is down to the individual insurer and whether or not they deem a wrap to be a modification. We recommend checking with your insurer first to see what their policy is.

How long will my vehicle wrap last?

Yes you can. Bonnets and roofs are a popular choice for wrapping individually. For a really customised look, we recommend “dipping” parts such as wing mirrors, trims, knobs, handles, grills, mud guards and more.

How long will it take to wrap my car?

This will depend on whether it is a partial or full wrap. However, generally we will  allow 3-4 business days. 

How quickly can you make a sign?

  This does depend on the type of sign we are producing. We aim to produce most signage within 3-7 working days with illuminated signage and built up letters taking around 10 working days. We can work to tighter deadlines, just let us know your time scale and we will inform you if this can be achieved.

Can you install the signage?

Yes we do. We have an experienced fitting team here at SWD. Our fitters are fully qualified and insured and can install signage for an additional cost.

Can you design the signs and graphics?

We offer a service whereby we produce layouts and edit  existing logos and typography based design. Our team  are also happy to guide you with the help of our graphic design team.

Do you make your own signs?

 Yes, we have invested in the latest machinery and skills needed to produce in house as much as is financially viable. All CNC router work, printing, sign boards and vehicle graphics are completely produced from scratch here in our studio. 

Do you offer discounts to charity?

We take into consideration discounting quotes for charities and offer between 5% – 10% discount depending on what type of work is involved. Evidence of being registered with ACNC Australian Charities & not-for-profit Commissions.

How do I know Im getting a good quality job?

We love this question! We like clients who care about their signs and the quality. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality signage and vehicle wraps to suit any budget. We can advise on materials and design and work with you to solutions that work best for your project-business or personal.